Personalized Training Plans

Whether you are training for a 1500 meter track race, a 10k road race or a marathon, a jogger or a champion, Running Wizard's Custom Training Schedules, inspired by the great coach Arthur Lydiard, will take you to the top of your game.

  • Are you racing up to your potential?

    Your VO2 max, along with your efficiency and lactate threshold, correlates to your performance ability and athletic potential. Check to see what your estimated VO2 max is based on your best race time. Find out whether your other race distances measure up and discover what times you are truly capable of after training with the Wizard!

    Take our VO2Max Interview to discover your true potential!

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  • Testimonials

    "Last Sunday I was running my goal race of the year Sierre-Zinal in Switzerland and got a new PB clocking in 23 minutes better than my previous time." -- Uwe Klauer, Germany

    "Using this training I went from a 4:08 marathon to a 2:58 in a year!" -- Steve Torrente, Runner and Coach NYC

    "From housewife to 3:38, 3:22 and then 3:11 marathon first up using Running Wizard. And I am just getting started! I love it!!" -- Kristin Suvick, second year runner

  • Run with wings on your feet

    From a database of over 2000 training programs Running Wizard delivers the precise plan to physically and mentally peak you for your race! Featuring:

    • Daily workouts tailor-made for your training choices
    • Progressive training paces based on your VO2 max
    • Phases of increasing intensity to recruit ALL energy systems
    • Recovery Indicator Index to prevent over-training
    • Expert guidance, training tips and how-to advice

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Professional Testimonials

  • Lorraine Moller

    Lorraine Moller, Olympic Medalist, Boston Marathon Winner

    For superb results, longevity, and health no other system surpasses Lydiard.

  • Greg McMillan

    Greg McMillan, Coach McMillan Running

    The Lydiard principles are the foundation for our distance running success. The man was brilliant!

  • Bill Rodgers

    Bill Rodgers, 4 Time Winner of Boston and New York City Marathons:

    "I have always followed Lydiard's training principles. For safety, efficiency and hitting the races in top shape this is the most effective training system out there."

  • Dick Brown

    Dr Richard Brown, Coach, Former Director of Athletics West, Exercise Scientist and Researcher, and Running Wizard Design Team

    "For both champions and joggers alike, no other training system comes close for enduring excellence and excellent endurance. Speed included!"