How to optimize a website

Optimizing a website is basically making it search engine friendly so that when internet users search for anything relevant to your website, it appears near the top on the first page of the search results. The optimization of your website to be search engine friendly is also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

– Why Optimize

You need to optimize your website for various reasons.

Search Engine Optimization first improves the user experience. This means that users visiting your websites have an easy and enjoyable time going through the site map. This will make users visit your website time and again whenever they are searching something of relevance to it.

More traffic is directed to your website because you are ranked better in the search engine results.

It becomes easier to reach your target audience whenever your website is optimized as opposed to if it were not, this makes it easier for you to make a sale or get the word out there.

An optimized website looks more professional as the content is well arranged in the different pages that the website contains.

Now that we know the why we need to optimize our websites let us look at some of the ways we can use search engine optimization to make our websites rank better and attract more traffic to them. SEO is somewhat technical and you need to hire a professional to do the work for you. Note that it is very important that you get it correctly as all these essentials work together to optimize your website and none of them is a standalone solution.

– The keyword is key.

In order to optimize your website, you must have a proper keyword relevant to your website. This is to mean that you should have knowledge of what people enter into the search engines like Google and Bing when they are looking for information like is available on your website. Always do a good keyword research and always keep up to date as these trends keep changing from time to time. Ensure that when developing content for the website the keywords and phrases are used as they are. Variations work against website optimization.

– Website speed.

Google and other search engines are beginning to punish slow websites by ranking them lower in the search result pages. Good for you, there are tools like Google Speed Insights that will let you know whether your pages are running slow and what you can do to make them run faster.

Video marketing.

The video marketing strategy works wonders for any website that gets it right. Web sites that have videos rank higher in the search engine result pages than those without. They also hold the attention of the user longer than a website with plain text. With videos, you have to get it right.

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Develop quality useful content for the video. Before you hit the record button, put together the material that you want to go into the video and analyze it to ensure it’s the best content ever.

Get your goals right. Know what you want to achieve with the video before you even start recording it.

Ensure that you deploy the video in line with the video marketing guidelines.

Use a relevant keyword when coming up with the video title.

– Up to date page titles.

Always have the keyword in the page title. For most businesses, the page title is usually the business name which isn’t that good unless of course your business name is optimized, which is not usually the case. You can try having the business name together with the top keyword. You can even create a slogan that incorporates the keyword. Be as creative with the page title to as you can be to make it catch but don’t leave out the keyword.

– Landing pages.

When optimizing your website, you want the visitors to go to particular pages. You can use landing pages by ensuring you use the keywords well to make this page stand out. Arrange the content properly by having good sentences and well-spaced paragraphs. Include subheadings in the written content. Use keywords in the page title and throughout the body of the written content.

You can have internal links from other pages that direct the visitor to this page.

It is important to know that website optimization is versatile and dynamic. To keep up, use all the tools available to you from Google and professional skill for best website performance.

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