Long Aerobic Run

Instruction Important points RPE Adaptation Skill Biggest Mistakes

Long run: Run comfortably easy. Deliberately start at a slow pace so that you have plenty of margin to increase it naturally as the run progresses.

Time on your feet: duration is the goal not speed.

Build up your pace slowly and gradually to optimize your slow-burning free fatty acid metabolism.


  • Aerobic
  • Endurance: cardiovascular & musculo-skeletal
  • Fat burning metabolism
  • Capillarization of blood vessels
  • Rhythm
  • Learning to read your own body
  • Running the entire run too fast and becoming gradually worn down over the weeks.
  • Starting out too fast and raising your core temperature to burn more glycogen rather than fats.

  • Taking replacement carbohydrates on the way thus not allowing your body to learn to metabolize fats efficiently